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Conflicting Values in Stories

One of the most important things to consider as both a reader and a writer is why people turn the page and keep reading a story. Think about books you’ve read. What made you want to know more? What drove you to stay up too late to finish reading yet another chapter? What caused you to close a book that just couldn’t grab your attention and instead is tucked away for another day?
Published 2020-11-30T09:47:21Z
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Side Characters Can be Just as Important as the Main Character

When building a story, it’s normal to have a main character fleshed out. You’re excited to tell your tale, you know what your character’s goal is and what they’ll need to do to achieve it. Most people delve into a story aware of their protagonist, but side characters are just as important to your story as your hero.
Published 2020-11-23T00:29:42Z
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How to Avoid Debilitation by Agent Feedback

Every writer hoping to be published can expect to face a long period of rejection and criticism before getting a break. Even the most talented authors have experienced years of abject failure before signing an agent, and sadly, many more will never be discovered.
Published 2020-11-09T04:10:33Z
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Pitching Yourself to Podcasts as an Author

A few years ago, podcasts were one of the remaining platforms that unknown personalities could break into. Now anyone can have a podcast, and only the most talented or renowned rise above the noise and make it big.
Published 2020-11-02T05:23:02Z
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What Readers Want to Know About Authors

Your author page is not just a summary of an author’s resume. It’s an opportunity to intrigue your readers, an invitation to engage in a long-term relationship with you, your writing, and your message.
Published 2020-10-24T22:13:25Z
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Creating Good Writing Habits

Writing habits develop over time. You always hope the good habits stick. If you find you’ve acquired bad writing habits, it may be time to take a closer look at what you’re hoping to get out of your writing time. The difference between accomplishing your goals and simply piddling about is that those who want to write—write.
Published 2020-10-18T07:56:42Z
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Expanding Your Story with a Subplot

A lot of people have heard the phrase subplot, but what exactly does it entail? What characters should be included? Are there elements that are expected? What’s the purpose of a subplot? Do I need to include one in my story?
Published 2020-10-10T11:20:52Z
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Yes, A Book Is Always Judged by Its Cover

The adage that a book is judged by its cover is absolutely true. Perception is everything.
Published 2020-10-04T07:18:20Z
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Character Arcs: How Characters Change During the Course of a Story

An important element in a story is showing how a character changes over the course of their journey. This change is related to growth in most instances. The character faces a challenge, stumbles a few times, sees how to look at the situation differently, and learns. This growth is likened to a child coming into adulthood and becoming more mature.
Published 2020-09-27T21:44:11Z
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Book Reviews: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your latest story, made sure the writing was crisp, the errors banished, and you released it out into the big, wide world. It’s exhilarating, the kind of rush that almost feels like you’re about to go down a huge, steep hill on a favorite roller coaster.
Published 2020-09-20T07:57:35Z
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Can Technology Improve Writer Productivity?

These days there’s an app for just about everything, and they go well beyond the realms of workplace productivity and mindless games. Calorie counting, matching screen lighting to natural lighting, meditation, and even limiting screen time usage have found their way into app form.
Published 2020-09-12T04:47:52Z
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Overcoming Writer's Block - Jump the Hurdle That's Holding You Back

The term writer’s block can feel ominous. It hangs over you like a dark cloud. It’s as if a thick, brick wall has been dropped on the path before you. You stare at your blank screen wondering where the great ideas disappeared to. You know, the ones you had in the shower fifteen minutes ago. It challenges you every step of the way. All you want to do is get words down. Instead, it sits on your shoulder taunting you like a vicious bully and mocks your lack of production.
Published 2020-09-04T08:24:14Z
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